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Does the College Student in Your Life Love Gifts?

Of course they do! There isn't a student out there that doesn't appreciate a gift from home. It can be difficult for parents to figure out what makes the perfect gifts for college students. You might be puzzled as to what they needs and want.

Well, at From Mom, we're knowledgeable about what college students crave. All our gift baskets are created by college students, for college students, so you know they contain the items students love!

Here's our opinion as to the top ten items to consider for your gifts for college students!

10. Holiday Items. With a focus on their studies, many college students don't get an opportunity to really enjoy and celebrate the holidays. Sending holiday related items is a terrific way for them to take a moment and enjoy Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving any holiday!

9. Personalized Message. It's important that all gifts for college students include a note from the giver with an expression of their love, appreciation and pride in the student. Student's love to feel that their efforts are recognized and appreciated!

8. Quality Products Not Quantity. If you've decided to send a gift basket, remember that it is the quality of the products that counts, not how many are stuffed in. Students appreciate quality not vending machine junk that they can get in the dorm hallway!

7. Gift Cards. Since they probably don't have a lot of money to spend on themselves, great gifts for college students are gift cards! Let them splurge on some clothing, spa services, movies you get the picture!

6. Specialty Beverages. Let your student take a break from the soda and other sugary junk they've been drinking. From Mom's gift baskets include high quality, unique beverages that student's love!

5. Fresh Baked Goodies. You cannot go wrong sending home baked goodies like mini brownies and muffins. After eating in dorm rooms and fast food restaurants, your college student will appreciate biting into a tasty home baked treat!

4. Variety of Sweet & Salty Snacks . You know that all students love sweet and salty snacks to help them through those long study sessions.

3. Extra Food to Share with Roommates. If you are sending gifts for college students, it is important to send plenty to share with roommates and friends at the dorm! Once the dorm gets wind of a care package, everyone will want his or her share of the goodies.

2. Food. You just can't go wrong sending food to a college student. Any break from dorm room monotony is welcomed and appreciated!

1. Fresh Baked Cookies. College students tell us that the number one, most appreciated gift is fresh baked cookies. Nothing reminds them of home more that biting into the soft and chewy goodness of homemade cookies!

So, what company can help you fulfill the wishes of the college student in your life? From Mom is the number one place online to find the perfect gifts for college students. We have a wide variety of products to choose from our motto is no vending machine junk food, no fluffy bows, just awesome food! Why not visit our website and discover how easy it is to send a care package From Mom!