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Everything You Need For a Healthy Gift Basket


With everyone moving towards a healthier lifestyle for both appearance and health reasons, it makes sense to send healthy gift baskets to students attending college.  With the junk they eat at parties, in between classes and in the dorm cafeterias, wouldn’t it would be nice to send them a healthy gift basket loaded with snacks and treats that satisfy their cravings but aren’t loaded with fat and calories.

Sending an assortment of healthy treats shows your college student that you care as much about their health as you do their grades.  Any college student will appreciate an assortment of healthy treats that will fuel them during the rough weeks at school.

A healthy gift basket should have a wide arrangement of lower calorie snacks and beverages that are still tasty, but won’t leave the student with five extra pounds to lose after devouring the contents of the basket.  Here are some great snack items to include in a healthy gift basket as suggested by the staff at offers a wide assortment of healthy snack items.  Build your own healthy gift basket or choose one of their prepared baskets, available at competitive prices.

To help keep your college student happy, healthy and well nourished during long study sessions and exam periods, you can feel good about sending a college care package From-Mom.  Forgo the traditional gift baskets packed with fat, sugar and calories; instead, send a healthy gift basket filled with healthy, hip, trendy items like those available From Mom!