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Exam Survival Calls For College Care Packages!

During the fall and early spring, tensions run high, as students get ready for mid-term and final exams. As students prepare essays and cram for all their tests, their stress and anxiety levels increase. It is no secret that exam time is one of the roughest times for the college student.

As a parent, you probably feel that angst right along with your college student. You want to support your student, but you know there is just no time with all your other priorities to put together an exam survival gift that includes fresh baked cookies and other tasty treats and beverages that college students love.

From Mom comes to the rescue of the busy parent with their creative exam survival gift package. Parents like you appreciate how easy it is to order online and like that the super fast shipping means that it will be to your college student in no time. From Mom creates the package just for college students, so you know that it is filled with items your stressed out student will devour!

Students appreciate the diversion and the sentiments from home. By adding a personalized message of encouragement, your exam survival gift From Mom might just be the motivation your student needs to keep on studying and get those coveted grades he or she deserves.

Depending on the size ordered, the exam survival gift From Mom is jammed full of as many as 28 high quality items to help your student and their friends survive exam time! It contains healthy foods packed with protein along with fresh baked cookies, sweet and salty snacks that results in happy and successful students!

Here's just a sampling of what it contains:

So, why not make the day of the college student you know who is buckling down and preparing for exams by sending the wonderful array of items found in a From Mom exam survival gift . You'll love how easy it is to order and your student will love to devour all the yummy treats it contains!