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About From Mom

Welcome to, the ultimate source for gift baskets for college students and care packages for college students. We're very proud to say we are a family owned and operated business. At, we specialize in one thing- care packages and gift baskets for college students. College care packages are the only thing we do, which makes us different from other gift baskets companies. Our care packages for college students, designed for college students by college students, include the most current specialty snacks and beverage items as well as fresh baked cookies. We are the experts on what college kids really want from Mom. (or Dad, Grandma') We even do a finals care package for that time of year when your student could use a little boost the most.


At From, we offer many kinds of care packages. Our MVP, or Maximum Value Package, has a different assortment of our favorite products each month. We also have a 'Build Your Own Care Package' feature that allows you to create a customized car package. If you're looking for something special for a birthday or finals week' take a look at our large selection of college care packages. Our finals care package is awesome. Don't forget to check out our Club Mom. It's a great way to save time and money! Even though we specialize in care packages for college students, our college care packages can be sent to anyone. These care packages and college gift baskets make great gifts for any of your friends, family or co-workers. We even have a section called 'Just Cookies'. It's a great way to let someone you love know you've been thinking of them.



From Mom to Mom - I've had 3 kids in college and have spent too many hours searching for unique food products, feeling guilty about not having time to bake cookies, finding boxes and stuffing, shipping, and well, I think you get the idea. If you've been looking for care packages that contain great food that college students love, fresh baked cookies that taste like mom's or perhaps even better, then you have found the right place! So enjoy your guilt free, online shopping trip and please don't forget to tell a friend!